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I made a little pizza.

Very little pizza


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Things I do with my time

Often I read news articles. Sometimes they are interesting. Sometimes they are not. But my favourite kind of article is the kind of article with ignorant, bigoted, and hilarious comments.

Column by Australian Greens senator on Julia Gillard’s comments about the Greens.


The greens are nothing but a bunch of anti corporate shrouding themselves in a cloak of environmentalism.

Every single one of their policies is designed to damage business. Their sole aim is to destroy the Australian way of life and drag us kicking and screaming into the dark ages


Opinion piece about obesity

Im am 150 kgs and I walk at 1m/H and I am fitting in perfectly and noone notices me in broad day light. I find your statement ot be underestimating our potenial and food is what make me strong and my only friend is a cat but i survive


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