Merrin Macleod


Hi. My name is Merrin. I’m studying Media Design at Victoria University of Wellington. I have a couple of uni blogs but not really a personal one, so I thought I would start one and see what it turns into. Maybe a politics rant blog, maybe a food blog. Who knows.

In my job, I listen to Australian radio, so I have a fairly keen interest in Australian politics – and knowledge of it beyond most New Zealand residents. I grew up for a while in Australia and my parents live in Canberra. I’ve lived in New Zealand for the majority of my life, though, and I feel a little bad that I don’t know very much at all about New Zealand politics. It certainly doesn’t seem as accessible or accountable as Australian politics – but perhaps that’s just because I haven’t found the right access points or accounts.

Here is a picture of some potatoes I had for lunch.

There is Kapiti Kikorangi blue cheese and wild pork bacon on there. The wild pork bacon is amazing. You can buy it from Moore Wilson’s.


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